Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Soooo much harder

I've done this all before...

the weight loss
the running
the eating right

Why, oh WHY is everything so much harder this time around??  Everyone says it's harder to lose weight/ harder to get in shape the older you get - and boy are they right!  I lost 60 pounds doing Weight Watchers my first year teaching and on weeks where I worked hard - I could lose several pounds.  Now I'm busting my ass to just get a pound or two down.  Frustrating.

Then there was 2005 when I decided that I was going to train for a 5K.  Took a couple of months, but I was running with relative ease.  My legs were stronger, my breathing was easier - and it's SO hard coming back to it.

I figured it would be EASIER the second time around.  But I guess extra years and extra weight have other plans for me.

I'm not giving up.  Oh no - don't you worry about that... It's just frustrating how much harder (and PAINFUL) it is doing this now...

Truckin' on.


  1. find the strength in the fact you accomplished those amazing things before! losing weight has always been a gigantic struggle that's never been easy for me, nothing ever sheds quickly from my body so i tackle any attempt wondering if it ever will. think positive about the fact that you've been where you want to be again, you know it can happen so even if it's harder you have confirmation that the beautiful goal is there to be reached!

  2. you go girl! it was so easy to lose weight after i had rory. i was smaller after i had her then before i got pregnant. this time, after jimmy, not the same at all!!!!! it sucks, but is worth it :)

  3. thanks ladies... it's encouragement like this that keeps me going each day.