Sunday, June 12, 2011

Frustrations and Reaffirmations

I've lost 10.8 pounds in 11 weeks.

That's awesome.  And that sucks.

I figured I'd be losing quicker than this.  Especially because I've been BUSTING my butt doing all the right things.  I'm eating my WW points each day.  I'm filling up on fruits and vegetables.  I'm going to the gym - making cardio my main focus, but also doing a variety of weights each week.  I've limited my martini intake (and we all know how tough THAT is!)... so why am I not losing any quicker??

I sit in my WW meetings and listen to women all around me losing 3, 4 pounds a week WITHOUT going to the gym.

I talk to friends who lose 1-2 pounds a week just by cutting out sweets or soda.

I have a colleague at work who lost 9 pounds in half the time I did, and who eats at McDonalds and Dunkin Dounuts.

How is this fair??

I've been a queen of weight loss for a while.  It has always come off quicker than this.  Especially in the beginning.  I was really thinking I'd lose the first 10 pounds in 3 weeks and then settle down to a 1-2 pound a week loss.  I would've been tickled with this.  Yet I'm fighting the fight of my life and don't even have a 1 pound a week weight loss to show for it.

Last week I talked to my WW group leader.  She thinks I'm nuts - that I should be thrilled with what I've accomplished.  I also met with my General Practitioner.  She thinks I'm nuts too.  I've had my thyroid tested.  I'm the the normal range of normal normalness.


It's not like it's been a week, or a month... it's been 11 weeks - when do I get to see the change??

I'm going to a weight loss seminar this week.  A specialist is running a program where you can get your own personal metabolism tested to see how you tolerate certain foods, certain combinations of foods, at certain times, etc.

Anyway, I hope it sheds some light on my situation and I can start picking up the pace on this weight loss.

But I LITERALLY cannot do anything more.  I cannot eat any healthier, I cannot work out any more frequently.

So I hope it starts to give - soon.

But 10.8 pounds - yay, right?  A bit.


  1. i would love to hear more about the seminar. i haven't been the most diligent with food or working out consistently, but i'm only down 4lbs and 1 inch total. very frustrating!

  2. It's this Thursday at 7:00 if you want to join me... :)

  3. You are doing an awesome job. Might not be coming off as quickly as you had wanted -- but it's still coming off. And you're losing it the healthy way. We're all proud of you (and very jealous!) -- be proud of yourself! -Sash

  4. Katie~ I am so sorry you are frustrated, I feel your pain and had gone through the exact same thing! A couple things that worked for me (and you can take them or leave them)I found out my RMR (resting metabolic rate)and for about 2 weeks I would make sure I only consumed those calories, for me it was 1790cal per day. Even when I worked out. The pounds flew off and I got out of the rut my body was in. I still do this every few months. Fruits and veggies are great, but you have to eat more protein (with every meal & snacks). Especially within an hour of exercising. If you only eat at your RMR you will find you are eating more protein any way, b/c your food choices will need to make you feel full and protein does that. If you eat around the same calories every day, your body gets used to it. You have to change it up. Every so often I add a high calorie day in there to mix stuff up too. I also would watch my sodium intake, besides the calories,and drink tons of water (like 80 oz) a day. I also started taking (and still take) vitamins by Chronomed. They are designed just for me and separated in packs for morning and evening b/c your body does better with different vitamins at different times of day. This includes a pro-biotic supplement that is a fantastic addition to the healthy lifestyle you are working on. Keep up the good work Katie! It took me about 2years and tons of research to get where I wanted to be.