Saturday, June 25, 2011

Trying Something New

As of tomorrow, I am at my 3 month mark from when I began this journey (March 26, 2011).  Although I'm proud of the weight I've lost - I really wish it was more than 13.6 pounds.

But I really can't be upset with myself - there was really nothing I could've done better.  I've been busting my butt at the gym and COMPLETELY changed my entire nutrition plan... for the better.

But all that being said, it should be coming off faster and easier.

So I went to see a Weight Loss Specialist this past week.  I'm paying him a lot of money to help me lose quicker.  He's prescribed me blood work just to check everything out, and when I go back in two weeks he's giving me a metabolism test to determine my Resting Metabolic Rate.

In the meantime, he's put me on 1300 calories a day... regardless of exercise - 1300 calories, period.

Wow - that's hard!  Cutting down to 29 points was a challenge... this new program makes 29 points look like a flippin' feast!!!  Yippers.

But again, I'm doing it.

Thank goodness I'm so determined.  Thank goodness I have a bridesmaid dress to fit into in 2 months... it's truly keeping me going.

We'll see how this new plan works itself out... in theory I should be losing 2 pounds a week from here out - regardless of exercise... so hopefully my next post reflects that!

Fingers crossed...


  1. you go girl!!! maybe now that school is out for summer you'll lose more weight because of no stress :) i lost 7 my first week out of school, but nothing the past 2 weeks. this can be so frustrating but it'll be worth it in the end!

  2. need to hear an update!! your fans await!