Thursday, January 13, 2011


Motivation is a tricky thing.  There are days where I don't need any of it because I'm fully stocked.  Then there are days where I have to talk myself into doing what I need to do.  Then there are days where try as I might, it just does NOT come.

How do YOU break through when motivation is lacking??

Taking ideas and suggestions....  :)


  1. I can't really help you with that one. Everyday I make a plan on what needs to happen then life happens and I need to take care of it. Life with teenagers dictates much of what I do and don't do. Actually I should rephrase that, I have allowed life with teenagers to dictate my life and for now that is ok. It is also coming to an acceptance of who I am. I support/encourage/and admire your determination and only wish at some point that I can follow.

  2. Many times it is having someone to hold me accountable for me to do the same for them. Plus we work out together. If it is me on my own, after the initial excitement and determination wears off, I am not likely to exercise. Once I am exercising I feel great, but I need that extra push. I also had to come with terms that not only was I doing a complete life style change, but it took me a while to put the weight on, so it would take me just as long to take it off in order to keep it off. When I felt discouraged I would keep that in mind.

  3. When you simply cannot find the motivation - when all else fails (I'll look better, I'll FEEL better, I'll LIVE longer and healthier,etc etc...)give yourself a break. Be prepared to go off a bit - within reason. Plan for a "cheat" that doesn't send your program into a tailspin if it has to be food. Or....better yet...Find a way to do something for yourself without it being a Hot fudge sundae. Get out and walk, and SING out loud, go get a facial, call your mom...