Monday, January 10, 2011

Week 1 Reflection

Well - I survived the first week!  (Well, the first 9 days really, since the 1st was a Saturday and I like my weeks to go Sunday to Sunday)... but I did it!  As always when I enter back into any workout/diet program, the first couple of days were torture.  My stomach was NOT used to the small portion sizes that NutriSystem provides, nor were my legs ready for the rigor of a treadmill!  But like all things, it got easier as the week progressed.

Making this journey public looks like it's going to be the best way for me to acheive my goals.  I've truly been touched by the amount of positive support, comments, and encouragement that I've received both here and on my facebook page.  It helps to have people checking in daily to see how I'm doing.  I've had offers for workout buddies and workout adventures in the future when my body is ready for them.  This has gone far to keep me motivated and going...

What's crazy is being called an inspiration.  "Brave" as many people called me when I posted my weight on facebook.  But I have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  Those close to me can see that I've gained weight.  Others can see that my clothes fit too snuggly on me.  So what's a number?  What's a picture?  It's no secret I'm the size I am.  But it will NOT be the size I stay.

So, it's been a good week.  It hasn't been overly hard motivating myself to get on the treadmill or to keep to my diet - by having to keep daily posts I know I'm accountable.  And I will NOT put myself in a place where I am making excuses for not following my goals.  So yeah, easy.  My only hope is that I stay this driven and motivated.

And hey, 6.5 pounds lost my first 9 days??  NOT BAD.  I understand this will not be a typical number for me, but it's one hell of a start.  :)


  1. you are so awesome that you inspired me to get off my rump and do my Your Shape tonight. you RULE!

  2. Excellent job Katie! Keep up the good work!! I've started doing the Wii Active Sports 2 nine week programm. Only had one training so far, but it seems to be effective - I had sore muscles the next day!! I'll be keeping up with your progress. :)
    Aunt Jennifer

  3. BIG number, BIG success! Keep up the great work~

  4. Great job Katie. Fantastic number. You've motivated me to start. I'm on day 1 watching the food. Just came from the pool aerobics and off to PT (for my knee) in a bit.
    Lets keep it going. You are my inspiration!!
    Aunt Carol