Friday, January 28, 2011

Week 3 Reflection

Very frustrated when I got on the scale this week... although I only got on the treadmill twice this week, I still ate right and kept to my diet.  I have NO idea why I had a 1.5 weight gain.

It's frustrating.

I'm not giving up - no, by any means... it just sucks when there's no reason for the gain.

So I'll sigh, *sigh* and move on....

Hopefully next Sunday's story will be MUCH different!

1 comment:

  1. aw Katie! Gaining some weight back after a few weeks is completely normal especially when you are exercising. You are changing your body, you know the whole muscle weighs more than fat scenerio. Plus when you change the amount of calories you intake, our bodies do a a bit of a revolt. Remember how long it took to put on the weight, it will be at least that long to take it off. You are doing great! Keep with your new life style change!