Monday, January 17, 2011

Week 2 Reflection

Well, I was right on a couple of counts...

1 - I was not able to lose as much this week as I did last week
2 - It was slightly harder to stay motivated in the 2nd week v. the 1st week.

Those things said, I'm still plugging away!  Chipping away at the C25K program - I'm now in Week 4 and it's kicking my ass - in a good way.  It's scary how much training you lose when you stop.  When I was hitting the gym regularly in August and September I was able to do 5-8 minute runs with only slight rests in between.  It sucks starting from scratch - but I know it's the right AND safe way to do it.  I just wish I could jump to the point where I can do 5K runs on a regular basis again.

The eating went well this week as well.  Strayed from the NutriSystem diet a few times this week, but had salads when I was out - so stayed smart!

The hardest thing so far?  It'd have to be a tie between wanting to nap instead of getting on the treadmill, and drinking more martinis - I do miss them (but I let myself have 1 or 2 a week)

Still pleasantly plump, but celebrating my total 8 pounds loss.  :-)

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  1. Great job! Progress is progress, a little at a time :)